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A happy-go-lucky skier sped down a slope in the middle of the night and somehow didn't die

This might be the most fascinating and terrifying ski video thus far. On April 30, French skier Léo Taillefer attached a GoPro camera to his helmet and bombed a slope in the middle of the night, with just a measly light to guide him. For at least three minutes, he curved around rocks and branches, while whooping and hollering throughout the ride. Did I mention his visibility is pretty low here? As intense as the video is, I'm amazed that he kept his cool and never slammed into a rock he could barely see. He eventually stopped after sliding onto some grass, and he still whooped and hollered.

Also, this was his entry for GoPro's 2016 Line of the Winter contest, which he won last year for a nice $20,000. So if he was looking to raise the bar for himself and his competition, then he did a damn fine job.

(via Powder Magazine)