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A dangerous Jeff Teague shove sends LeBron James flying into several rows of stands

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This is uncalled for.

Jeff Teague blatantly hip checked LeBron James in the closing minute of the Atlanta Hawks' Game 3 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, a move that could potentially leave him suspended for Game 4.

With the Cavaliers up 3-0 in the series, it doesn't particularly matter for Atlanta, which simply hasn't been able to keep up with Cleveland's ridiculous three-point shooting -- 61 made triples through three games, including an NBA-record 25 in Game 2. With the game out of hand, Teague was clearly frustrated and didn't make much of an effort to hide the hip check that sent James sprawling dangerously into the front row of fans.

James checked on the fans and they seemed to be OK, which is good, since the results could have been scarier. It was a very poor moment for Teague, letting frustrations boil over. Nothing much has gone right for Atlanta in this series, and the close to this game was more of the same.

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