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Possum causes delay during LSU baseball game, gets demoted immediately

Sorry lil buddy, you gotta go!

So this is something you don't see everyday on a baseball field, and Carson Shaddy, the Arkansas outfielder, wasn't quite sure what to do about the situation. Clearly, the possum was a big LSU fan, as it didn't take too well to the Razorback even looking at it.

But as you can see below, with the help of the grounds crew, Carson fielded the possum perfectly.

They eventually caught the possum and play resumed, but seriously, how cute is this little guy? Come on!

Update: LSU is fully embracing their new little friend. It's Rally Possum time!

#RallyPossum happened and LSU won the dang game 10-9 in extra innings.

Hat tip to our friends over at And the Valley Shook for this one.