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Steph Curry released some ugly shoes and people are ruthlessly mocking them on Twitter

The internet had a field day with Under Armour's new Steph Curry shoes on Thursday, the Curry Two Chefs. They are, after all, very bad shoes.

First, people played a game of What Should We Call These.

Then it escalated to photoshops.

Maybe people just needed to see the other colorways?

People saying @stephencurry30's new shoes are boring just haven't seen the other colorways!

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Finally, like all things, Crying Jordan came for the shoes.

There's at least one person who likes them, but he is related by blood and still throwing crylaugh emojis in the tweet.

Poor Steph! The reigning MVP is already struggling in the NBA Finals and now he's being roasted alive on Twitter for some dang shoes. But seriously, the shoes -- they are very bad.

* * *

Steph Curry fell into the crowd and no one helped

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