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A shirtless fan interrupted Game 4 with 'Trump Sucks' written on his body

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While the Cavaliers and Warriors played out the end of the fourth quarter, by which time the game was already decided, cameras panned to the stands and zoomed in on players' faces. They all expressed a sense of confusion.

What you didn't see was that the game was momentarily stopped due to a fan running on the court. The broadcast made the decision to not film this person. Luckily, the security at the Q quickly subdued the running fan and escorted him to the tunnel.

But details of the event quickly spread throughout Twitter. The fan took his shirt off, revealing that he painted "TRUMP SUCKS" on his chest. On his back, he wrote "LEBRON 4 PREZ."

The fan is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, and he has been known to do this at major sporting events. He also stormed the pitch during the World Cup Final.

But please don't ever attempt this. You will probably get arrested and the effervescent feeling of rushing the court won't be worth it. Plus, you're interrupting a game for millions of people.