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A high school student chose Kirk Cousins' 'You like that' as his senior quote

Joe likes that! Kirk likes that too!

Put me on ESPN. #HTTR #ClassOf2016

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Kirk Cousins likes that "You like that?" quote!

Cousins will never live down screaming "You like that that," at the top of his lungs after a win last season. But at this point, the Washington quarterback is embracing everything about it. He appreciates every person who is screaming it. His teammates have been known to do it as well

Initially, it seemed that this would only be a fad, but at least one person is making sure that it's etched into a book of record. High school student Joe Langley decided to go all in on his love of Washington's quarterback and chose that as his senior quote. The best part is that Cousins gave him props for doing that on Twitter.