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A Minor League team's 'Keep Tom Brady Suspended' night was a resounding success

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The Buffalo Bisons, an affiliate of the Tornoto Blue Jays, recently announced their "Keep Tom Brady Suspended" night on Twitter. And although it initially seemed to be a marketing ploy to gain some more attention —minor league teams can be great at this — the event was more than just a salty declaration that the New England Patriots' quarterback should serve his suspension.

It was actually for a good cause. Yes, fans named Tom or Brady weren't allowed to enter the game for the first few innings, but the Bisons were also charitable (And don't worry, the Toms and Bradys got in free).

Even Tom Brady Sketch made a special appearance, despite clear instructions that they were not allowed to go in early.

Tickets were buy-one, get-one free on the condition that those fans donate a ball — properly inflated ones — before entering. The team was also taking old cell phones, because the last things the Bisons would like to see are destroyed cell phones. The phones would be donated to "Cell Phones for Soldiers."

Even the ceremonial first pitch was Tom Brady themed. The team found a Thomas Brady from North Tonawanda to throw out the pitch.

It didn't go as well as the Bisons planned early on based on the score in the second game of their doubleheader, but their social media crew more than made up for it with Tom Brady gifs.

Despite the scores, it looks like "Keep Tom Brady Suspended" night was a resounding success.

Update, July 13: After Brady's appeal was denied, the Bisons made sure to pat themselves on the back for helping, in their own way, keep Brady suspended: