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Hero LSU bat girl plays fair ball, preventing a possible triple


LSU's super regional against Coastal Carolina got weird quickly.

It looks like she might have really screwed up at first, right? She even thought so.

It's very hard to fault her for the play. It appears the first base umpire was late to make a call either way whether it was foul or fair, and the rules at LSU's stadium are weird anyways.

Just a week ago, we saw an inside-the-park grand slam because of the weird rules.

If the ball goes under the bullpen bench and remains under the bench, the ball is dead ... unless the defensive player goes in to retrieve it.

Weird huh? If I were her, I wouldn't feel bad. She may very well have saved a triple. And if I were an LSU fan, she'd be my new favorite for possibly saving a triple and playing that ball off her shins like it was nothing.