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Cam Newton played kickball in boots when it was 94 degrees outside

Selecting the correct sporting attire is critical for success on the field -- unless you're Cam Newton. The Panthers quarterback held his yearly "Kick it with Cam" charity kickball event in Charlotte, and he decided to wear boots.

The Cam Newton Foundation holds the charity event every year to raise money for underprivileged children. For a small entry fee fans got to meet Newton, along with a cavalcade of sports celebrities including Allen Iverson, Tim Tebow, John Wall and Gary Sheffield.

Enough about how cool the event was, let's get back to the boots. It's unclear what kind of boots these are. The Charlotte Observer at the event referred to them as Ugg boots, which seems ridiculous because:

  1. They're not sporting shoes and offer no ankle support
  2. It was almost 100 degrees in North Carolina yesterday and Cam was wearing winter boots.
  3. Ugg boots with shorts is a look nobody should replicate.
  4. Ignore point No. 3. It's Cam Newton, he can pull it off.

I asked SB Nation's resident Ugg enthusiast Jacob Price about Newton's decision.

"I have some Ugg moccasins and they're wonderful but I wouldn't play kickball in them."

Now, if they were combat boots then it's genius because:

  1. They keep your feet cool.
  2. They're tested in harsh environments.
  3. If they have steel toes then you're secretly using performance-enhancing footwear.

h/t Charlotte Observer