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Charles Barkley says Draymond Green had a 'moral obligation' to strike LeBron James in the groin

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Charles Barkley isn't one to shy away from a good fight suggestion.

Just last month, Barkley suggested that the Atlanta Hawks "touch up" the Cleveland Cavaliers after Game 2. Charles Oakley even voiced his displeasure over it and even challenged Chuck to a fight. On Sunday, Barkley opined on the recent controversy involving Draymond Green and LeBron James.

Rather than letting the NBA front offices deal with this situation after the fact, he suggested that Draymond was right to do what he did.

"When a man stands over you, you have a moral obligation to punch him in the balls"

During a scuffle in Game 4 of the Finals, LeBron and Green got out of hand when James stepped over Green. Green responded by hitting LeBron in the groin, which is why he was suspended for Monday's Game 5.

(h/t Bleacher Report)

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