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Kevin Love wanted a high-five from LeBron but got yelled at instead

Aww, Kevin.

Kevin Love just wants to be loved. LeBron James just wants Kevin Love to make the right damn rotation. And so we get moments like this from Game 5 of the NBA finals.

The look of disappointment and, frankly, a deep and familiar hurt that washes over the face of Kevin Love really plucks your heartstrings. He just wanted to celebrate life and congratulate LeBron on a good play, and here he is being lectured again. He didn't sign that contract last summer so he could be the new Mario Chalmers. He's really trying to fit in instead of fitting out, and this is what he gets! A lecture!

Kevin Love finished the game with two points and three rebounds in 33 minutes of action. Thankfully for everyone involved, it's only a matter of time until he's traded somewhere where his high-five availability will be more readily appreciated.

(There's also the distinct possibility Love wasn't asking for a high-five, but that he was showing his defensive positioning or some such and LeBron was directing him to play differently. That possibility doesn't erase the look of bitter dismay on poor Kevin's face.)

Vine via The Sports Quotient.