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Miami baseball set a new record for disrespect with this grand slam bat flip

You may remember Edgar Michelangeli, the Miami baseball player who hit a home run, held his bat like a sword for a few seconds and then flipped it after he was satisfied. It's usually an innocuous celebratory gesture, and this particular rendition seems likely to be Michelangeli's signature celebration move. On Sunday, he tried it again during Miami's game against Boston College. This time, it was on a grand slam (which is arguably an appropriate moment to bat flip) and Boston College wasn't having it. Both teams' benches cleared as Michelangeli made his way to home plate.

You might be wondering if a bat flip caused all that commotion, and while, yes, it may have, Michelangeli did other things that accumulated into anger on Boston College's side. Here are the five different forms of disrespect Michelangeli pulled off here:

1. He held the bat until he almost got to first base, like he did the last time.

2. The bat flip, of course.

3. He held his bat-flipping hand up from first base until almost third base.

4. He pounded his chest in front of the catcher.

(This might have been the tipping point, not just the bat flip.)

5. He high-fived fans through the netting.

(Screengrabs via Deadspin)

Was Michelangeli being a little excessive? Maybe. The chest pound in front of the catcher was a bit unnecessary, but all the other parts were, again, innocuous and didn't warrant a scuffle between the two teams. It wouldn't feel right to hit a grand slam and not celebrate wildly about it. Keep on bat flipping, y'all.

(h/t Deadspin)

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