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Bills RB came into camp overweight because he ate too much with his pregnant fiancée

There are a lot of weird injuries in sports. Just on Tuesday, news came out that Cowboys running back Darren McFadden broke his elbow trying to avoid dropping his cell phone. Buffalo running back Karlos Williams is having his own issues in camp, but for very different reasons.

Williams reported to mandatory camp overweight and Bills head coach Rex Ryan was not thrilled.

"Obviously he's not anywhere close to where he needs to play at a high level," Ryan said via the Buffalo News. "So we've got to get some weight off him and he certainly understands that."

Why is Williams overweight? Because his fiancée was pregnant.

Kudos to Williams for supporting his fiancée, even if it cost him a couple pounds. Williams isn't the only NFL player to have this issue either. San Diego cornerback Brandon Flowers also mentioned expecting dad weight gain.

"I had a dad bod coming in last year," said Flowers, via the San Diego Tribune. "What my girl was eating when she was pregnant, I was eating also. I definitely came in, I want to say, 10 to 12 pounds heavier than what I am now."

This is a problem that impacts more than NFL players. Male weight gain during pregnancy is a real thing. Express cited a report that showed expecting dads gained an average of 11 pounds during the pregnancy.

Fortunately all NFL players haven't had this problem. If Philip Rivers did, he may have had to move to offensive line after he and his wife welcomed their eighth child last year.