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Spelling Bee co-champ Nihar Janga finally got to meet his hero Dez Bryant

Hopefully you haven’t forgotten 11-year-old Nihar Janga, who celebrated becoming co-champion of the 2016 Spelling Bee by throwing up Dez Bryant’s signature X.

Nihar is awesome. Bryant tweeted about getting him to a game, but he didn’t have to wait until the regular season to see his favorite team. He visited the Dallas Cowboys training facility on Wednesday, and threw that X up faster than you can spell "rafraichissoir."

Nihar walked the media and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett through what life was like after becoming co-champ of the bee. He talked about the media tour and going on CNN, but all they wanted to see was the X. Nihar happily obliged.

Garrett even put him through a little spelling bee practice:

When the two finally met, Nihar gave Bryant a big ol’ hug. Then they gave the people what they wanted and threw up the X together.