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The Vikings left 60,000 bags of fruit snacks in Laquon Treadwell's car as a prank

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I’d live in this car if I could.

The Vikings gave rookie wide receiver Laquon Treadwell a really weird 21st birthday present — they filled his entire car with fruit snacks. Sixty thousand bags of fruit snacks, to be exact. It appears quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and tight end Kyle Rudolph were behind the prank.

Thank you @teddyb_h2o and @kylerudolph82 @welchsfruitsnck for your generous donations.. 60,000 bags of fruit snacks..

A photo posted by Laquon Treadwell (@successfulquon) on

This what happens when your rookie and your birthday is during Minicamp.. @vikings

A video posted by Laquon Treadwell (@successfulquon) on

So what happens now?

If he’s feeling generous, he’d share with his fellow rookies. If Treadwell eats three bags of fruit snacks per day (one with every meal), it would take him 54 YEARS to finish this supply.

Are there further rules to this prank?

  • Can he take all of the snacks out of the car, or does he have to eat them out (a la The Office)?
  • Does he have to wait until he eats all the fruit snacks to drive it again?
  • How long did it take to get all of the fruit snacks out of the boxes and into the car (or at least next to the car)?
  • Is he going to finish all of these by himself? Just asking for a friend.

This is still pretty good treatment by NFL standards. *Flashes back to that time a Ravens rookie got stuck with an $11,000 dinner bill*

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