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A Cavs fan is trying to raise $10 million to bribe Kevin Love to sit out Game 6

It looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers' luck is finally turning around! Unfortunately for Kevin Love, that happened after he suffered a concussion in Game 2. Though Cleveland still lost that game after his departure, they bounced back in the next contest with a 30-point victory. Love returned in Game 4 and Cleveland went back to losing.

The Cavs were dominant in Game 5 despite Love scoring only two points in 33 minutes, and all Cleveland needs is to win one more game to tie up the series. But some fans think Love isn't the star player that he was once was. In fact, given how this series has gone, some consider him detrimental to the team's chances.

One fan in particular is willing to put money on it. Well, he's willing to put other people's money on it via GoFundMe.

For just the low, low price of $10 million, you can pay Kevin Love to sit out Game 6 so the Cavs can win. We're not sure this is exactly legal but you can give us the $10 million. We weren't going to play anyway.

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