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Craig Sager is in perfect Craig Sager form for his NBA Finals debut

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For the first time in his illustrious reporting career, Craig Sager is working the sidelines of an NBA Finals game. The Turner Sports reporter joined the ESPN crew for one night to give him the chance to work a Finals game.

And in classic Craig Sager form, his outfit was outrageously wonderful.

That is a new jacket too. Sager said he had run out of original things in his closet and went shopping specifically for something that fit the magnitude of an NBA Finals game. When it comes to working his first NBA Finals game, the veteran reporter said the opportunity "means a lot."

While Sager said he was happy to be there, the fans seemed just as happy to see him. He was even showered with a standing ovation during the game.

Sager has battled leukemia in recent years, undergoing two stem cell treatments to try and fight the cancer. In April, he revealed his cancer was no longer in remission. He was first diagnosed in 2014 and returned to work NBA games before suffering a relapse. He returned to the sideline again this season and continued to work during the playoffs despite being in treatment. On some occasions he's had to drive four hours from treatment in order to work a game, only to drive back and continue the treatment the following morning.

Despite a 34-year career with Turner Sports, Sager never had the chance to work an NBA Finals game until now. In July, Sager will be presented with the Jimmy V Perseverance Award as the ESPYs.