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This foul ball destroyed a reporter's laptop in the Camden Yards press box

Although the occasional foul ball is always great to see, the shelf life of the moment is gone by the time the fan holds it in the air to proclaim victory. Then business resumes as usual. It's as though it never left a mark on that game.

Well on Friday, a foul ball left a mark. It left a few dents and a broken screen too. Orioles beat writer Eduardo A. Encina's laptop was a victim of a Pedro Alvarez foul ball. But take a look at how the laptop was destroyed. The point of impact was on the screen itself and not on the back. There are only a few ways to justify this.

The foul ball curved perfectly enough to directly land on the laptop

This theory seems to be the least plausible. If it did go down like this and video were available, it would probably look like the type of sports conspiracy video that would have commenters typing "FAKE" in all caps repeatedly. It would look a lot like that gnarly disc golf throw.

The ball hit the ceiling and landed on the laptop

Knowing very little about physics this sounds right. Angles are your friends when doing serious sports research such as this.

The Orioles are magic

This one can also be true. The Orioles are currently at the top of the AL East so ruling magic out of this equation would be foolish.

It was a direct hit

At least someone thinks so.

The truth is out there.