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President Obama held Air Force 1 on the tarmac to watch the end of Game 7

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Can you blame him?

President Obama isn't your normal father, of course, being the President of the United States and all that. But hey, he can still have a damn good Father's Day, and that's what he did on Sunday. First, he spent time hiking at Yosemite with his family.

Then, the noted basketball fan hung out in Air Force 1 on the tarmac until Game 7 ended with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers breaking a 52-year championship drought. You've got to love that Obama still got to celebrate Father's Day just like anybody else, and hey, it doesn't get much better than watching the end of the game in Air Force 1. I am curious how they streamed it, though. I'm sure the NSA hooked 'em up.