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Cavs owner Dan Gilbert once put a fart machine under Mike Brown's chair during a press conference


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Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has a love of pranks that almost caused severe embarrassment for former coach Mike Brown.

LeBron James has been trying to bring the hardworking culture he learned with the Miami Heat to Cleveland. Since he rejoined the Cavaliers, James has been staging team-building events and more serious practices, according to a feature by ESPN's Brian Windhorst. In Miami, Pat Riley was all business. Gilbert had, well, a different approach.

Via Windhorst:

After a playoff victory over the Washington Wizards 10 years ago, Gilbert had a remote-controlled fart machine installed under coach Mike Brown's seat. When Brown went up to the dais for the postgame news conference, Gilbert stood in the back and worked the controls. Brown was flummoxed -- although the microphones didn't pick up the sounds.

Where could he even get such a device?

Well, this remote-controlled fart machine is $14.99 on Amazon.

The effort required to go out and get a "fart machine" and then actually have it installed under Brown's seat for a press conference is mind-boggling. Just imagine Gilbert pressing the "fart" button on the remote over and over during a press conference and laughing his ass off like that weird uncle you only see at Thanksgiving.

Owning an NBA team must be fun.

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