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Stephen Curry's playoff collapse started after people made fun of his new shoes

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The Warriors were rolling. The greatest regular season team of all time had all but breezed through the first two rounds of the playoffs then taken what was surely the closest thing to a knockout punch they would see this year from the Thunder and bounced right back to make the NBA Finals. They had walked all over the Cavs in the first two games of the series, even with MVP Steph Curry and fellow Splash Brother putting up merely mediocre performances.

They were the best team of all time.

And then it happened.

You may not remember exactly where you were when you first saw the Curry Two Lows drop, but you know you had the same thought as everyone else, "Shit, Father's Day is next weekend." What followed was a merciless roasting of these Shuffleboard Secret Weapons, an attempted response from Steph Curry, and a comeback by the Cleveland Cavaliers the likes of which we have never seen before.

The shoes heard 'round the world were designed to appeal to, well, I don't know. They ended up unraveling one of the best individual and team seasons of all time. Don't believe me? Well...

Before Shoes After Shoes
Points per game 24.8 25.8
Rebounds per game 6.1 4.0
Assists per game 5.9 3.2
Steals per game 1.5 1.2
Field goal percentage 45.4 39.8
Three point percentage 41.0 39.1
eFG percentage 56.9 52.6
+/- +79 -31

There's no arguing the numbers. From the moment word of the all-white Curry Two Lows began to permeate the Internet the man they called Chef Curry went from Emeril Lagasse to Guy Fieri.

Sure, the points went up, but it was a minimal increase while everything else fell apart. Even his effective field goal percentage fell, so the efficiency of those points dropped off too. Will this trend continue into next season? Hard to say, but Under Armour definitely has some explaining to do.

* * *

Kyrie Irving beat Curry in a game of P-I-G in Game 5