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Cavaliers parade 2016: LeBron James and Cleveland celebrate a championship after 52 years

After 52 years, Cleveland has a championship again, thanks to a spectacular Game 7 win by the Cavaliers on Sunday. On Wednesday, the city’s holding a parade for the team, and hours before it even starts, it’s already full of excitement. Fans have already hung up a huge shirt for J.R. Smith, who famously spent several hours shirtless between a celebratory trip to Vegas and the flight back to Cleveland.

There’s a sculpture of LeBron James made out of dryer lint, which is ripe for any future selfies:

Meanwhile, the crowd in downtown Cleveland is packed:

Like, holy crap:

It’s packed to the point where people have to climb portable toilets:

Former Browns running back Earnest Byner is also at the parade, and, uh, perhaps the NBA championship erases The Fumble? (Maybe?)

Browns legend Jim Brown also came through and hung out with Byner:

If you were wondering if J.R. Smith was still going shirtless, the answer is YES:

This is worthy of a poster:

And a shirtless fan took a picture with Shirtless J.R. Smith!

Meanwhile, LeBron recorded a small message -- and almost dropped his phone -- for Cavs fans on Twitter:

And Kyrie Irving gave away a free hat:

At one point, LeBron crossed paths with his iconic banner and did the arms wide open pose ...

... while surrounded by a massive number of fans:

A couple WWE belts made some cameos, including the SMOKING SKULL BELT:

And now, a list of Cavaliers who decided to go shirtless with J.R. Smith:

Mo Williams:

Kyrie Irving:

Iman Shumpert:

Here's J.R. Smith giving a few Cavs fans a champagne shower:

Smith also endorsed himself for president:

And then Smith picked up a young fan so he could also take in the parade's atmosphere:

Once that was all said and done, the team and the fans gathered at the rally where LeBron gave a heartfelt speech about each one of his teammates. Channing Frye stole a bit of show, however, when he literally dropped the mic:

Fittingly, Jim Brown stepped on stage and handed the Larry O'Brien trophy to LeBron.

Congratulations, Cleveland.