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Two racing pierogies broke out wrestling moves during Pirates mascot race

With the WWE brand split coming soon, there will be more eyes on pro wrestling. The Pittsburgh Pirates are getting in on the action early. The team honored some pro wrestling legends like Booker T, the Nasty Boys and hometown Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle on Wednesday.

Fans got to take photos of these squared circle titans. And while fans were pretty excited for the photo ops, the mascots were even more excited. The Pirates Pierogies, during their race, stopped the festivities and they started throwing down. That's when one of the pierogies hit an RKO!

But this goateed mascot thought he was free to take the lead. Not when Scott Steiner is waiting at the finish line. Steiner, wearing a nice jersey, hit him with a clothesline. The numbers don't lie, and they spelled disaster for these pierogies.