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Newly drafted guard Kris Dunn wants you to know his shiny shoes are Gucci

Brr! So fresh and so clean!

Let me tell you something about Kris Dunn.

Not only is he the highest drafted player out of Providence College since 1984, he also went through a journey and traumatic childhood that helped him forge a bond with his former college coach.

So please allow him to have a moment, while he blesses the damn room with his opulence.

That’s right, fam: "these Gucci."


Look at them: sparkling, shining, bouncing, fitting the hem of that suit. Oh yeah, young Chicago Dunn is out here flossin’. Shoes so shiny, he coulda wrapped them in tinfoil. Shoes so sparkly, they could block out the moon. Them laces so smooth, I could spread it on my arms like Coco Butta.

So what if he shouted out the brand. So what if he stunted in front of millions of people worldwide for a quick second. He deserves that. Soak up that spotlight, young man. We all wish we were you, specifically if we had them kicks.

Hell, all this ice so cold, no need to cut the lights out. Somebody turn that new Gucci on. BRR!