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Japanese comedy wrestling match is halted by friendship montages

You've likely heard of New Japan Pro Wrestling, the promotion that gave us that wild match between Ricochet and Will Ospreay. But there's also another promotion called Dramatic Dream Team (DDT), and even if you're not familiar with it by name, you've probably encountered it before. It's the promotion where a sex doll is a wrestler (no, really) and where American wrestler Joey Ryan once flipped a man with his penis. It's basically the home of the more comedic style of Japanese wrestling where anything goes. It's important, prerequisite information, because what you're about to see is something magical.

This is the ending of a two-out-of-three falls tag team match back in November, where KAT-TOO (Makoto Oishi and Shunma Katsumata) took on Antonio Honda and Danshoku Dino (you may remember Dino as the guy who got flipped by Joey Ryan's penis.) With one fall already won by KAT-TOO, Honda was about to betray Dino by jumping off the turnbuckle, but then everyone was hit with a selfie and Japanese rock-filled montage of their loving friendship, which convinced Honda to save Dino instead. Seriously.

Honda then attempted to equalize the match with a pin on Oishi, but the referee stopped the count because, well, he was also overcome with emotion. And then everyone got hit with another montage -- this time about the ref's adorable friendship with Oishi. Oishi capitalized with a counter and won the match.

It's a shame there's no good way to watch the full match to get the context of how this comedy bit was integrated, but you can't deny that, as absurd as it is, this is amazing to watch. Wrestling is real and friendship is magic.