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Rob Gronkowski, Liev Schreiber and Luke Wilson threw footballs at James Corden, who probably regrets it

Rob Gronkowski, Liev Schreiber and Luke Wilson played a game on The Late Late Show, in which the three celebrities threw footballs at holes on a spinning target, while James Corden was strapped in the middle. Seems like a fun game, right? Sure, if you're not James Corden. Let's try to imagine how this segment came about:

[The Late Late Show office, two days before filming]

Corden: "So, who've we got on Thursday's show?"

Producer: "Luke Wilson, Liev Schreiber and Rob Gronkowski."

Corden: "Gronk?! Oh man, we have to do something with him. What do you think?"

Writer: "Well, we were thinking of playing a game with them. Try to one-up Jimmy Fallon."

Corden: "Go on."

Writer: "What if they threw footballs at a rotating target, and there are three holes on it and they have to see who can get the most points by throwing the footballs through the holes. The catch is: You're dressed in full football gear and strapped to the target, and one of the holes is directly beneath your dick."

Corden: "That sounds like an awesome idea. Let's build it."

[One day before filming]

Corden: "Oh man, this contraption looks great. I think we're gonna have a great segment. I know Gronk's great at football, you think the other two will be as good as him?"

Producer: [thinks about it for a few seconds] "I think you'll be fine."

[Filming day; Corden is strapped to the target]

Corden's brain: "Oh God, why did I agree to this? My crotch is sticking out right in front of them. They're totally going to aim for my dick, aren't they?"

Rob Gronkowski's brain: "I'm gonna aim for his dick a couple times."

Luke Wilson's brain: "I'm gonna aim for his dick a couple times."

Liev Schreiber's brain: "I'm gonna take this game seriously, but also try to hit his dick a couple times."

[the machine starts]

Corden's brain: "No no no no no no no no no no no no! Ow! No! I regret this!"

* * *

And that's how I think television is made.