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Remembering the time Mark McGwire annihilated a Randy Johnson fastball

On June 24, 1997 Mark McGwire did this:

Somehow, 19 years later he still hasn't been arrested for that crime. I don't know exactly what the crime was, but I'm convinced that he did something to that baseball, to the Kingdome wall or to Randy Johnson's ego that justifies him being arrested.

The home run went an estimated 538 feet, a number which I personally dispute because it doesn't seem nearly far enough. Had that not been hit in a domed stadium, the ball would probably still be orbiting Earth. You know it's a one-of-a-kind blast when the opposing announcer -- in this case legendary Mariners announcer Dave Niehaus -- breaks into a call like the home team just hit a walk-off grand slam.

In another 19 years, we'll still be watching this home run in awe.

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