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College World Series baseball kid can see directly into your soul

This kid can either see directly into your soul or he may be flirting with the entire world.

With Coastal Carolina up three runs in the seventh inning, the kid was bored. Thank goodness that the cameras caught him trying to look charming. It worked for a few seconds — his look was downright mesmerizing — until he revealed his awkward interior like most kids his age do. So you can't blame him for shimmying right after.

Mom was dying of embarrassment at first too, seeing her kid try to be smooth to the millions of people watching ESPN. But that didn't even last long; you can immediately tell when she almost copies the kid's coy and mysterious smile.

And he's not even the first kid this week who decided to turn on the old charm when the cameras were on him. During the Iceland national anthem, a little kid flirted with the entire planet. This little kid tried to do the same.