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Kyrie Irving won't let his 3 Warriors teammates in Rio forget who won the championship

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With the 2016 Olympics just over a month away, USA Basketball has been in preparation mode. A few big names like LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook have bowed out, but this year's roster is still stacked, especially with four players coming fresh off the NBA Finals. Kyrie Irving is the only Cavalier to go to Rio, while the Warriors have Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes. During an interview on Tuesday's Mike & Mike, Irving was asked what it'll be like to play on the same team with the three Warriors after beating them in the Finals. It sounds like Irving's got plans in August:

"There's a connection that we all share that's bonded for life of USA Basketball that allows us to be comfortable and being with one another. But, you know, there will be a few jabs thrown ... because there are three Warriors on this team, and I am the current champion, so I will be throwing it in their faces."

I'm imagining Irving and the Warriors ending up in a scenario where he tries to hang out with them, but they all give him the cold shoulder. Kind of like that one Simpsons scene where Homer tries to rock out with a bunch of guys playing with a strobe light:

So, uh, have fun, Kyrie?