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CFL player Duron Carter knocks over opposing coach, nearly starts brawl with TD celebration

There is a lot going in that sequence, and it is all the result of Montreal Alouettes wide receiver Duron Carter acting like a fool. Carter made a nice catch and scored a touchdown. That was the good part!

From there, it turned into complete shenanigans. Carter celebrated by immediately running toward the Ottawa bench. That was never going to end well. He then delivered this bump to Ottawa head coach Rick Campbell.

Maybe Campbell flopped some there sure, but not bumping into the opposing head coach is probably a solid strategy to avoid issues.

And then it was entirely off the rails. Carter continued to celebrate on the opposing sidelines. Getting into it with roughly a dozen players didn't seem to faze Carter, even as some smacked him in the head. Carter continued to celebrate oblivious to how big of a fool he looked to basically everyone else.

Probably not the best way to try for another shot in the NFL.