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The Mini Stanley Cup got to swim with a bunch of sharks

A few days ago a Mini Stanley Cup hung out with a bunch of penguins at a zoo to celebrate the human Pittsburgh Pens making the final series of the playoffs. They even ate fish out of it!

And while this is overwhelmingly adorable — so much that we wouldn't blame you if you had to take break from watching the group of adorable penguins waddle around the cup — the same question always followed: are we going to see sharks do that? San Jose did make the Stanley Cup finals too, after all.

We eventually did get that! Although this is a standard video as opposed to a Facebook Live video, the sharks swimming near the Mini Cup do not disappoint. With some help from an assistant in scuba gear, the Mini Cup got to chill with a school of sharks.

In fact, Sharks are better representatives of hockey in general than cute penguins. After all, you need to develop a sense of toughness if you're going out there to compete for The Cup. Sharks are generally considered tougher than penguins, but do the teams correspond to that notion?