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A definitive ranking of emojis from Steph Curry's new app

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Give us all the Stephmojis!

The 2016 NBA Finals are here at last, and along with it is Steph Curry's new app. It's called Stephmoji by Steph Curry, and as you can probably guess it features Steph Curry-related emojis. A lot of them. Like hundreds. All just in time for the NBA Finals!

Being the emoji expert* that I am, I'm going to provide the most accurate, definitive top 10 ranking of Stephmojis. So here we go!

10. 73-9 (The Warriors regular season record and NBA record)

9. Chef Curry

8. Panthers fan (Steph is a massive and unabashed Panthers fan)

7. Two-time MVP

6. High school jersey (Pretty cool tribute to his high school)

5. Riley Curry press conference

4. Splash Brothers

3. Steph Curry goes Super Saiyan

2. Riley Curry doing the whip/nae nae (This one is animated, and you have to see it!)

1. Steph shooting from the Moon!

Which ones are your favorites?

*Totally not an expert at anything.

* * *

Nobody can stop the Warriors’ deadliest play

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