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This Warriors' ball movement would make a coach cry tears of joy

The Golden State Warriors are the best offense we've seen, maybe ever. You know all about Stephen Curry, where he runs across halfcourt and is firing away almost immediately with no regard for how far away from the basket he really is. Curry's incredible, and it must be exasperating for defenses when they give up three points in just seconds without Curry even passing the ball.

But the Warriors are arguably even more impressive when they start passing like this. It's classic ball movement you'd associate with the Spurs, and Golden State pulls it off flawlessly. Several times, the Warriors could have taken a shot here, and instead it ended up with Klay Thompson for an easy (for him) triple from the top of the key.

Draymond Green was having a great game, too! You could argue, with the way he was shooting, that he should have taken this shot. But it worked out.

Livingston could have put up a quick shot, given how deep under the basket he was. But nah, his pass to Barbosa made even more sense for the Warriors.

Twenty-three seconds. Eight passes. Only four dribbles, when not counting Livingston coming up the court. Three points.


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Nobody can stop the Warriors' deadliest play