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NBA players swatting the crap out of kids, ranked by viciousness

NBA players are often in the position of guarding little kids at charity events or wherever. While the kids would surely like to have a lifelong memory of "scoring" on an NBA player, sometimes the guys with extreme height advantages just can't resist.

Here's a ranking of NBA players swatting the ever-loving crap out of some innocent children.

1. Kevin Durant

He won't block @konjames10 or @cldtoon shot like that. ✋ we gonna get at him

A video posted by Kevin Durant (@easymoneysniper) on

Durant takes the top spot for two reasons:

A). The sheer viciousness of his blocks, the main criteria of this list, is without question. When he swats a kid, the ball flies away like someone shot it out of a cannon.

But also:

B). The kids whose dreams he is mercilessly destroying are SO young, it almost makes you feel bad. But instead you just laugh.

2. Andre Drummond

He winds up and uses his arm as a baseball bat, launching the ball into the crowd and away from the innocent kid. The block was so good, an opponent put a lot of effort into giving him a high-five.

3. Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns is a savage. (Submitted by @ethan_conti)

A video posted by Sports Videos (@houseofhighlights) on

KAT lets this kid pretend to post up on him, doesn't at all fall for his fake, then launches the ball into oblivion.

4. Jahlil Okafor

Jahlil's block is fairly vicious, and he gets extra credit for blocking the ball so hard that the kid enjoys it.

5. Dwight Howard

Howard hams it up, but really doesn't use that much force when blocking the kid's shot. He gets points off for this.

BUUUT sometimes the kids really do win.

This kid made a layup over Kristaps Porzingis after dribbling through the big guy's legs.

This child pump-faked Nick Young, then received adoration from the entire crowd.

(via imgur)


LeBron James dunked this kid into the ground (but then gave him a pair of signed shoes so it's okay).

(via NeptuneGreat/Youtube)