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Cam Newton says he won't Dab in 2016

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You shouldn't either.

You are probably familiar with the "Dab." It is a dance move that rose to international fame when Cam Newton, football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL, performed it during a 2015 game against the Tennessee Titans. Newton didn't stop then, he constantly brought it back during the season.

Now, however, Newton has said that he is ready to part ways with the Dab — a dance move that has been widely performed at an array of events from weddings to proms to graduations and even spelling bees. In an interview with Charlotte radio station 610 AM The Fan, Newton said: "I have to put that aside."

If you feel like you're going to miss Newton doing the Dab, don't worry, he has something else in the works for 2016. He just doesn't know what it's gonna be yet. "I have time (to figure it out)," he said. "Have until September to find out."

So, if Newton's ready to let it go, maybe so should you. Let's face it, this "trend" has been one of the most overused trends of the year. So can you not?

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