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John Daly opted to start putting one-handed during an actual tournament

Professional golfers will try anything to make a putt. They'll use long putters or weighted putters. They will use a traditional grip, a cross handed grip or a claw grip. Anything to hole an extra putt or two. Those changes, however, usually come over time and with a lot of practice. It's not very often you see a player change putting techniques during a tournament round and it's even more rare to see the player go to a one-handed approach.

Enter John Daly:

Daly was in contention during the final round of the Dick's Sporting Goods Open on the Champions Tour when he broke out the one-handed approach. It wasn't due to an injury. It seems Daly was having trouble with the speed of the greens, so went to the approach to help. It may have helped with speed, but judging by the announcer's reaction, it didn't help Daly make anything.

It may not have worked, but at least Daly kept it interesting. Just another of the many examples of why he is our hero.