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David Ortiz leaves final All-Star Game to standing ovation and hugs

He didn't hit a home run in his final All-Star Game like Cal Ripken Jr. He didn't have the game or the sendoff that Derek Jeter did. In fact, David Ortiz didn't even record a hit in his final All-Star appearance. Still, that didn't stop him from getting a well-deserved sendoff.

Ortiz walked in his second and final plate appearance. That gave American League manager Ned Yost the opportunity to pull him from the game. Yost pitch ran for Ortiz, which allowed the slugger to come out of the game to a huge ovation from the fans and players in attendance. The AL players greeted him on the field with hugs and handshakes.

There was no signature hit -- he went 0-for-1 with the walk -- and no red carpet, but hugs and handshakes after a walk is about as David Ortiz as a sendoff gets.