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The Cavs had the most fun possible accepting the Best Team award

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The Cleveland Cavaliers made a historic rally to upset the Golden State Warriors and win the NBA title. Had the Warriors won, they would have been a lock to win the ESPY for Best Team after winning a record-setting 73 games during the regular season. But they lost, so that honor went to the Cavs too.

And they seemed to enjoy every second of it.

The celebration started out with some sort of strange high-five between Kevin Love and Channing Frye.

No idea what you call that move, but Love and Frye seemed to enjoy it. Once the Cavs got on stage, they participated in what was part acceptance speech, part roast. LeBron James ushered some of his teammates into the spotlight starting with J.R. Smith. And he even made a joke about Smith wearing a shirt! James wasn't done there, getting in a dig about Frye not being known because he didn't play in the Finals.

I'm not sure anyone enjoyed that more than Richard Jefferson. And he was sure to document some of it for his Snapchat account.

Jefferson snap

If you're going to win an ESPY or any award, do it like the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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