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Lindsey Vonn made J.J. Watt uncomfortable with an excellent 'groin massage' joke

A good joke made the ESPYS red carpet better.

Lindsey Vonn saved us all from a super cliche interview answer.

When reporter Hannah Storm asked J.J. Watt on live television on the ESPYS red carpet how he was able to win Defensive Player of the Year despite playing through groin injuries he began to credit the usual suspects until Vonn spiced it up with a penis joke.

"Lots of groin massages," said Vonn, capitalizing on a rare TV opportunity to shout sexual innuendo.

Surely she was referring to the swarms of suddenly available Twitter nurses who offered help in nursing Watt back to recovery in January.

Again, Watt was left horribly uncomfortable, as he's been a little shy talking about his injury.

Congrats to Lindsey Vonn on a good joke (no, she wasn't drunk) and Hannah Storm for making sure things didn't get too testy.