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12 classic sports moments that you forgot included Pokemon


Just when you thought you'd had enough of Pokemon Go, we threw a couple Revives on the game you’ve seen all over the sports world this week. We've assembled the top 10 (plus two honorable mentions) sports moments better explained with a Pokemon photoshopped into them. This can range anywhere from the most amazing plays to the most epic failures.

We’ll start at 10 and work our way down to No. 1. And here we go!

10. LeBron’s now legendary block

Which is rarer, catching a Moltres or Cleveland winning a championship?

9. Joe Horn’s touchdown celebration

In 2003 when the NFL was fun, Joe Horn celebrated a touchdown against the Giants by pulling out a flip phone from underneath the goal post padding to call somebody or text or whatever.

8. Mortified Michigan punter

During the Wolverines’ 2011 game against the Buckeyes, Will Hagerup had a little trouble handling the snap and gave us one of the best horror faces ever. Pikachu is so elusive!

7. The Butt fumble

Mark Sanchez will forever be known for running into the butt of his right guard, Brandon Moore. And butts, like Weezings, are well known for producing an enormous amount of toxic gas.

6. Sooners recover onside kick or …

In a 2006 game between Oklahoma and Oregon, the Sooners recovered a late onside kick until possession was awarded to the Ducks. SMH, Pac-12 refs!

5. Ball bounces off Jose Canseco’s head for a home run

In a game against the Indians in 1993, Jose Canseco gifted us one of the weirdest moments in MLB history.

4. Odell Beckham Jr’s most ridiculous catch

This is still amazing! Best catch ever!

3. Jameis Winston’s stumble and fumble

Hooooboy did this play sum up Oregon’s blowout of Florida State in the 2015 Rose Bowl. The crab. Get it?

2. Dez Bryant did not catch it

You all remember it. A couple years ago in the Cowboys playoff game against the Packers, Dez Bryant’s caught it until he didn’t, and we still don’t know what a catch is in the NFL.

1. Randy Johnson’s destruction of a bird

Who can forget when Randy Johnson exploded a bird in a 2001 spring training game against the Giants? Let’s not think about that poor dove’s death and just pretend it was the Big Unit catching a Pidgeot.

Honorable Mentions:

11. Derek Jeter’s dive into the stands

12. 50 Cent’s terrible first pitch

So, there you have it, folks. Before you bury your head back into your phones searching for that next Pokestop, let us know what sports moments we're missing.