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Sidney Crosby took the Stanley Cup all over his hometown, including to Tim Hortons

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How many hockey players do you think want to win the Stanley Cup just to see what they can get away with using the trophy? It's probably a good number. Some do it big while others just take it to their hometown, like Sidney Crosby.

The Pittsburgh Penguins star took it back home to Cole Harbour, Canada, and he just went about his day like it was no big deal. And since he's from Canada, a day would be incomplete without a trip to Tim Hortons.

And while Crosby can be very cavalier about his trip, the man in the photo below cannot. Just look at the wonder and whimsy this man is expressing while he admires the cup. That itself should be worth the Stanley Cup trips.

Sidney also visited the Camp Hill Veterans Services in Halifax. We can't wait to see where the cup goes next.