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John Cena surprised superfans in a hidden camera prank

There's a new meme that has escaped from the internet and onto real life...and his name is, you know.

Cricket Wireless invited a few John Cena fans to audition for an upcoming spot featuring John Cena. they were told to practice introducing him. In the meantime they would use a poster of the 15-time WWE Champion.

But behind that poster was an entire crew —including John Cena and a pair of trumpeters to play his theme song — ready for those familiar words that often come up during random videos, "and his name is...". The kids that participated absolutely went bonkers seeing their hero.

The adults that participated in this arguably freaked out more than any of the children claiming to be the biggest Cena superfan. So much for that idea that John Cena's character only appeals to the younger audience.

Take this fan, for example. The dude is so perplexed that the real-life John Cena exploded out of the display that he attempts some sort of bizarro surrender cobra, only his hands are on his temples as though he's admiring the beauty of a scenic view. To be fair, John Cena merits that admiration at all times.

I'm just glad that John Cena didn't trip at any point and inadvertently found himself in an Unexpected Shockmaster situation.