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Snoop Dogg's reactions while watching the CFL prove why he needs to be an NFL analyst

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Snoop Dogg was in Canada last week for a concert, and during his trip he took in the sights. That included watching at least part of a Canadian Football League game between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Montreal Alouettes. The CFL is football, but it's certainly a bit different than what most Americans are used to. Snoop among them.

A video posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

"The score is four-nothing. Can you believe this shit? The score is four-nothing!"

While watching him try to make sense of the CFL was amusing, it revealed something bigger. Watching football is enhanced significantly by a Snoop Dogg stream of consciousness. That sequence in the CFL game was mundane and boring, yet Snoop made it extremely enjoyable. Even a challenge flag is better with Snoop.

We already knew Snoop made watching Animal Planet significantly better. Now we need to apply this to sports. Can we please get an ESPN3 stream of Snoop analyzing Monday Night Football? Better yet, can we stick him in the booth along with Jon Gruden?

This needs to happen.