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Brave soul lets long drive champion smash a golf ball off a tee in his mouth

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This is Matt Ginella. He is the resident travel adviser for Golf Channel. He is also very brave and willing to put his face on the line, literally.

This is Tim Burke. He is the two-time World Long Drive Champion who holds the record by flying a golf ball 427 yards in the air. He can swing a golf club very fast and is willing to do so even when it risks another person's face.

When Ginella and Burke are together, things like this happen.

People have hit golf balls off a tee in another person's mouth before. But none of those people are able to swing a golf club like Burke. If he missed by a bit, Ginella's nose would probably be 100 yards down the fairway.

Fortunately for Ginella, Burke can not only swing extremely fast, but he can do so with pinpoint accuracy. Ginella's face remains intact and the only downside was it hurt his teeth and lips a little.