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Kendra Harrison broke a 28-year-old world record and had the best reaction when she found out

Kendra Harrison unfortunately isn't heading to Rio after competing in the Olympic trials for hurdles. She was beat out by three other women.

However, none of those women — in fact, no one at all — has accomplished what she has.

With Rio no longer an option, Harrison focused on a different goal. She said she was going to break the world record in hurdles:

"Now that my mindset has changed since I did not make the Olympic team, every time I get on the line I know I still have a chance to break the world record, I still have a chance to continue to make my season even better than what it already has been."

On Friday, she competed with that in mind. But after the race was over, Harrison was disappointed to learn that she had missed the record by .38 seconds, even though she dominated. She waved at the cameras in disappointment, only to find out that her score was corrected to reflect 12.20 seconds, a new world record.

The old record was set by Bulgaria’s Yordanka Donkova in 1988.

Once Harrison found out she broke the 28-year-old record, her opponents gave her a big hug as she broke down in awe of the surprise. What a moment!

Harrison previously broke the American record of 12.24 seconds on May 28 at the Prefontaine Classic.