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This Hawks fan found an easy way to modify an Al Horford jersey to make it a Dwight Howard

Free agency can be unforgiving, especially if you own a jersey.

While some teams like the Boston Celtics are justifiably ecstatic after news that Al Horford will sign with them, Hawks fans don't feel as great.

Yes, the team did manage to sign former Houston Rocket Dwight Howard, but there was a very real chance that the team could have acquired Howard and still have kept Horford, who has been on the team since he was drafted in 2007.

There is a tiny silver lining, however. Just because Horford is gone doesn't mean that old jersey has to go to waste. in fact, with a few modifications, an Al Horford jersey easily becomes a brand spankin' new Dwight Howard jersey. All you really need is three strips of tape — two for the front and back numbers and one to replace the 'RFO' with 'WA.'

It's beautiful, in its own way.