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Michael Young was so surprised by Elvis Andrus in a Jigsaw mask that he almost punched him

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Didn't see that one coming!

Michael Young, the longtime Texas Ranger, was inducted into the Texas Rangers Baseball Hall of Fame on Saturday night. It's common for the Rangers to parade special guests into the stadium for occasions like this, but Michael Young's entrance was anything but ordinary.

Your first reaction was probably the same as ours. What the hell was that? It's a dude running up onto the truck in a Jigsaw mask is what that is, and it's terrifying!

You have two options in this situation. You either jump out of the bed of the truck on the other side (like I would) and leave your kids to die at the hands of Jigsaw, or you instinctively start swinging. It looks like Young is the latter. Actually, the guy in the Jigsaw mask was Young's longtime friend and team clown Elvis Andrus. The funnest of buddies!

But seriously, what is it with Rangers infielders and punching people?