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The Texas Rangers wore the most patriotic stars and stripes suits to celebrate the Fourth of July

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This is the most American thing ever!

The Texas Rangers are shipping up to Boston on the Fourth of July for a three-game series with the Red Sox, and they're going to look mighty patriotic doing it.

Yes, the entire team went full America with the most amazing stars and stripes suit and tie combination. So here's another item to add to the list of things that make baseball America's sport. Let's go down the list:

  1. $9 Beer
  2. Cracker Jack
  3. "God Bless America"
  4. 24-inch hot dogs
  5. "The Star Spangled Banner" performed by your favorite local country singer
  6. Venezuelan-born Rougned Odor looking cool as hell in sunglasses and the red, white and blue

Happy Fourth of July!