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NBA players were dismayed by Kevin Durant picking the Warriors

There was surprise followed by saltiness.

Kevin Durant announced that he will join the Golden State Warriors on Monday and he stunned the NBA world while doing it.

Paul Pierce said what's on everyone's mind.
Players went from surprise to realizing how damn good the Warriors are going to be next year.

Andre Iguodala acted like he had no idea what was going on, as Andre Igoudala tends to do.
Dwyane Wade sent this tweet, which is cryptic to say the least.
And followed it up with this Snapchat.
Durant's former Thunder teammates reacted in ... interesting ways. (We think Enes Kanter's message means "Turkey loves the Thunder," since Kanter is Turkish born. But that's actually a lightning emoji, for one.)
And then there was plenty of salt.
Green quickly tried to skate past his clear shade throwing but tweeting another innocuous tweet congratulating a couple of his friends.

Nobody's buying that, Danny. We know what you tweeted.

Jeff Teague had a genuinely good tweet.

Anyway, the most important tweet came from a person who only aspires to be in the NBA, but isn't actually in it.

All is right with the world once more.


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