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Hassan Whiteside reacts to Dwyane Wade leaving Miami with the Mr. Krabs meme

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Dwyane Wade just shocked the NBA by leaving Miami and deciding to sign with the Chicago Bulls. Wade has threatened to leave several times before as leverage and the Heat called him on it this year, assuming he was bluffing again. Instead, he up and left.

That left Hassan Whiteside in Miami, having agreed to a four-year, $98 million contract on July 1, obviously expecting Wade to return. And ...

OK. Imagine this with me.

1. Whiteside reneges on his contract since it's still just a verbal agreement. He agrees to sign with the Mavericks.

2. Dallas, who agreed to take on Andrew Bogut in a cap-clearing move from the Warriors, change their mind now that they have a better, younger center on the way. They don't feel bad, since DeAndre Jordan burnt them this same way last year.

3. The Warriors now don't have the salary cap space to sign Kevin Durant.

Fine, that won't happen. Whiteside will sign like he committed, because DeAndre Jordan scenarios don't actually happen every year in the NBA. But man, oh man, would that be hilarious.

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